​​​Balanced Fund Advantages : 4 Reasons You Must Invest in the SBI Balanced Fund​​

​​​​​​Advantages and Benefits of SBI Balanced Fund​​

Balanced fund returns and benefits

Balanced Funds provide you with opportunities to invest in a mix of equity and debt in a single m​utual fund scheme, which endeavors to strike a balance between risk and return. The allocation between equity and debt is done by the Fund Manager whose aim is to provide optimal returns while managing market movements. Add a Balanced Fund to your portfolio and get the benefit of growth potential and stability in one fund. Balanced Funds provide investors with an option of a single mutual fund that combines both growth and income objectives by investing in equities for growth and debt for income. These funds help to diversify equity risk by exposure to debt while maintaining potential returns as well.

So get two opportunities in one fund, Invest in Balanced Funds today ​