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Mutual Fund Investor Education Videos - Bengali

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Watch the mutual fund videos in Hindi to understand the basics of investment. This playlist consists of the following investor education videos in Bengali:
1. Tax Saving and Wealth Creation through Mutual Funds - Find out the mutual funds schemes that help save tax
2. Investing in equity through Mutual Funds - Learn about equity mutual funds
3. Income and Stability through Debt Funds - Learn about the benefits of investing in Debt mutual funds
4. Investing for Your Children's Future - Find out how mutual funds can help you in securing your child's future
5. Investing Online is not complicated - Online mutual fund investment simplified - Online mutual fund investment simplified
6. Get the benefits of both equity and debt with a Balanced Fund - Find out what are Balanced funds and benefits of investing in balanced funds
7. Build your portfolio with varied asset classes like equity debt gold etc. - Learn about building the best mutual fund portfolio
8. Consult a financial expert to make better investment decision and fulfill your goals - Learn how to fulfill your financial goals with the help of fund managers
9. Get equity exposure with ease through ETFs - Learn about ETFs and benefits of ETFs
10. Investing through Systematic Investment Plan - Learn about the basics and benefits of SIP investment SIP
11. Start your retirement planning today - Plan your retirement with mutual funds ​