​​​​​​​​Mutual Funds Basics​​​​​


Get answers to most commonly asked questions regarding mutual fund. MF Basics will equip you with the fundamentals of investing in mutual funds.

What is Mutual Fund?

Watch this video to know what is a mutual fund and how can an investor invest in mutual fund through lump sum or Systematic Investment Plan (SIP).Mutual Fund investors have the flexibilty to invest as lump sum or ..... via periodic SIP investments. Learn more about Mutual Fund SIP on the Fund Guru Section.

Advantages of Mutual Funds

Want to know the benefits of Mutual Funds before investing them? This mutual fund basics video explains the benefits of Mutual Funds along with the risk profile. Our fund managers will help you diversify your ... portfolio and make financial planning with mutual funds easy for you.​

What is ​NA​V​​​​​?​

Net Asset Value also known as NAV is the cost of one unit of a scheme. NAV is calculated by subtracting the Liabilities from Assets and is divided by the total number of outstanding units held by you. A perfect ... explanation of Mutual Fund NAV is given in this video. Learn more about Mutual Fund basics on SBI Fund Guru.​

What is SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)?

Systematic Investment Plan or SIP is a way in which one can periodically invest in Mutual Funds on a monthly or quarterly basis. SIP is your blessing in disguise to achieve your Financial Goals in a disciplined way. Watch ... this video to know how Mutual Fund SIP will help you in your financial planning journey. Learn more about SIP with SBI Fund Guru.​

How to choose right Mutual Funds 

Choosing the right mutual fund to invest in, is one of the most important steps in financial planning. Watch this video to know what parameters an investor should consider before selecting a mutual fund scheme. Learn .... moreabout mutual fund basics on SBI Fund Guru.

What is ELSS?​​

Learn how you can save tax by investing in mutual Funds. Understanding ELSS gets easier! ELSS schemes are mutual fund plans which offer tax saving benefits. One can also invest in ELSS with Systematic Investment ... Plan (SIP). SBI Mutual Funds makes your tax planning and financial planning journey easier with these videos. View our mutual fund basics videos in our Fund Guru Section.

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Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.
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